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ManaMor opens up a new door to the marketing world, our teams does not only manage our clients, media platforms, but we rather target the market needed for the service provided. This means there is less time wasted on marketing that is not beneficial, and more time focused on “Targeted Marketing”.


Multiple Platform Marketing 

We use multiple Marketing Channels that can all together upgrade your online profiles and digital footprint. Namely; Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Redit, Rumble, TikTok.


Community Management

Community Management ensures that any questions, compliments, or complaints are replied to.  We help you build communities for customers, fans, and even employees. It involves creating an authentic and engaging environment surrounding your brand.

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Post Designs, Promotions, web Designs and Editing  

Designing of desired posts. Running promotions and editing videos and web designs that  attractive to your audience.


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